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305 - 954 - 561

If you would have told me that I would be a full-time professional DJ when I first came down to beautiful South Florida I would not have believed you. Although being a pretty decent DJ my whole life has afforded me some fun times, rocking the wheels of steel was last thing that was on my mind. Heavy in the art scene in Fort Lauderdale and being involved in events I naturally I gravitated to the turntables. It was through that magnetic pull that I am who I am today.

I'm a slave to the rhythm.

Rocking clubs from the 305 (Miami) to the 954 (Broward) to the home of Vanilla Ice, the 561 (West Palm Beach), its been quite the ride! Spinning at venues like Club Madonna on South Beach and being the personal DJ of world renowned feature entertainers such as Alexis Texas & Rubberdoll. To spinning at the world famous Pink Pony where I learned how to rock a huge room and up to 50 dancers under one roof. To spinning at the newest Gentlemens Club in Miami/Hialeah Shadow Cabaret and being the personal DJ for reggaeton artist Jory Boy for the grand opening.

Alexis Texas and I at Club MAdonna (South Beach)

World Famous Rubberdoll at Club Madonna (South Beach)

Reggaeton Artist Jory Boy @ Shadow Cabaret Miami

With just a few months into 2019 I find myself spinning at four different venues such as Club GoldFinger (Sunrise Florida) , 00 Saloon (Downtown Fort Lauderdale), Club Hedo (Pompano Beach Florida) and my newest residency at the "World Famous" Spearmint Rhino (West PAlm Beach, Florida).

Thank you to all the fans and supporters, I really appreciate all of you!

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