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Not an overnight success at all, DJ FLUFF made the rounds in the South Florida strip club circuit for years before becoming an essential link between local artists, getting club spins and radio play. Fluff Breaks Records became a real thing and a way for up-and-coming artists to gain recognition in the industry. His big break in music production happened in 2021 when recording artist Chas3 Morgan showed up in the club and asked Fluff to break his record; that's when the flood gates opened!  Since then, they have worked together on “Bandemic” a DJ FLUFF project featuring Chas3 Morgan & NewFlo Zee aka Zombie which was released on November 1, 2021. Fluff has also secured clothing endorsements from Mobbed Up Clothing, which is South Florida’s go-to brand in the Hip Hop community. 


Doors keep opening for DJ Fluff in the most amazing ways and this is just the beginning. In 2020 when the world shut down due to the pandemic, Fluff became a Lyft driver as the entertainment industry as we knew it shut down. That's when he met James Whalen, owner and CEO of Mobbed Up Clothing during a late night Lyft ride. Since then, they have collaborated on what is now “The FLUFF Collection”, a series of hoodies with Mobbed Ups' iconic bear on it. Each sale donates five dollars of every sale to charities for children with life threatening illnesses.  There is no hate in FLUFFs heart, only love. That is what makes his music so attractive to his fans all over the world. Music filled with love is a rarity to be treasured in these times.. 


A Chicago native and second generation of immigrants from both Mexico and Puerto Rico, FLUFF spent the first part of his life on the cold, hard streets. There was no silver spoon in Fluff’s mouth. Everything he has achieved is a result of his relentless motivation, ambition and dedication.  He moved to Florida in 2008 to pursue a career in direct art sales. Due to the market collapse in 2012,  FLUFF changed his focus from art sales to producing art and becoming a successful visual abstract and pop artist. 


With a zest for life and infectious energy, FLUFF quickly became an essential part of the MASS District (Music & Art South Of Sunrise)  in Fort Lauderdale. Finding himself in the center of an up-and-coming art movement, FLUFF spearheaded MASS DISTRICT, Music & Art South of Sunrise. Becoming the founding executive director of a still thriving art district is one of FLUFF’s  proudest moments. Countless South Florida artist’s literally made their first art sales at MASS DISTRICT. Changing the landscape of the art community with his desire to make a difference, FLUFF found himself in meetings with the Mayor and commissioners of Fort Lauderdale and then on the same day with graffiti artists creating murals. Events in the arts are the norm and having entertainment such as bands and DJs go hand and hand. One day FLUFF got behind the Turntables at an event and the rest is history! All the years of djing in Chicago finally paid off. DJ FLUFF was born and hit the clubs with fire!

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