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Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Before I even get into it I want to take a second to thank Chas3 Morgan & NewFlo Zee! I called in a 16 bar favor, you all showed up and showed out and now I can break my own record. Then there's all the strippers, we went through a whole Bandemic together, look at us now! Paid! People might not understand nor like our lifestyle, but its a means to survival on a different level and I'm proud of us all! Turns out when your really good at spinning on a pole or bartending, charging for parking or even being the DJ you really can get the bag! Big ups to all the artist that slide through and throw money at me for playing their music, it feels good to serve that purpose. Shout out to all the people that pull-up to the dj booth request and pay for music. Then there's the people who pull-up make it rain on me and don't ask for anything, that part! The strip club lifestyle isn't for the weak, so to everyone involved from the guy who opens the door to let you in, to the bathroom attendant, I salute us all! Oh before I forget to all you judgmental pricks out there who are easy to judge us for providing a better life for ourselves and our families, go F*&^ yourself! Bandemic will be available on all streaming platforms Nov 1st, run it up!

Yours Truly,


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