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LIsten, to all my dj friends and everyone in the entertainment business in general it is imperative that we try our best stay healthy. In 2019 I found out I was diabetic, jeez no wonder I hand to the run to the restroom every hour on the hour. In this day and age it's so hard to balance being a performer and making healthy choices. I was and still am living the fast life, with healthier choices for sure. I mean as the "DJ" everyone in the club wants to buy you a drink and I used to let them, sure FLUFF go ahead kill yourself! Between the long hours in the dj booth, the deep fried bar food with all double shifts and running from club to club in the same day, I blew up to a whopping 350 pounds! Damn son try going shopping for clothes at 350 pounds (impossible)!

After ringing in 2022 with a bang a ton of alcohol and food I couldn't get out of bed for 3 days my kidneys were jacked up! Turns out I needed those three days to really put my life in perspective. I decide rite then and there I was done drinking, cold turkey January 2022, I didn't even realize I was an alcoholic. I went dry and did not feel the effects for a couple of months. Slowly but surely the weight started to melt away. By august 2022 I lost 20 lbs, not much but I could definitely bend over to tie my shoes without running out of breathe. Then in September 2022 I made the commitment to eat healthier. I cut carbs while only eating sea food for 9 months and I also started working out.

Here we are at the end of 2023 and I would be a liar if I were to say I haven't had a corona on occasion or a margarita or even bumps on the road. With that being said Im still closing out the year down 60 pounds with 40 to go. The reason for this blog post is not gloat or brag but to simply let you know that 1) diabetes is not a death sentence it is manageable, but you must be committed. 2) If I can do it so can you, simple as that. I wish all of you a happy holiday season and the healthiest wealth to you and your love ones.


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