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Back in February while I was standing outside Dagr8FM in Miami with Manny Riich & Fetti Fein talking about Fetti’s album “Upper Echelon'' that had just dropped. It dawned on me, I'm surrounded by artists, singers, rappers, producers & beat makers. But that's not all, I'm on a radio show at a radio station that has recording studios. WTF! Wait a minute, what was the universe telling me? I was inspired! If she can do it so can I is what ran through my head. That's when I knew I was going to dedicate 2022 to creating an album. Here we are in June and there's several completed songs on the track list with some dope features! I can't wait to drop what is my life long goal of making music on the whole world. Big shout out to all the artists that have contributed to the album and a special thanks to my production team Bruski Beats, Chas3 Morgan and last but not least executive producer The Taykeover!

Stay tuned

Forever Grateful,

DJ Fluff

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