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I'm so excited to announce to the world that I have secured a clothing endorsements and have become a brand ambassador for Mobbed Up Clothing, South Florida’s go-to brand of the Hip Hop community. In 2020 when the world shut down due to the pandemic, I became a Lyft driver as the entertainment industry as we knew it shut down. That's when I met James Whalen, owner and CEO of Mobbed Up Clothing during a late night Lyft ride. Since then I have collaborated with him on what is now “The Fluff Collection”, a series of hoodies with Mobbed Ups' iconic bear on it, donating five dollars of every sale to charities for children with life threatening illnesses, specifically the Chasin A Dream Foundation. We all deal with tragedy & trauma in different ways and this mine. Helping a brand gain awareness in the community and giving to sick children just feels rite to me! I often refer to myself as the only person in Florida that wears a hoodie everyday. Its for the sick kids why not?!

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