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Tonight a feeling of great gratitude comes over me as I wrap up The Manny Riich Show Live on Dagr8FM Monday nights its our 10 o'clock show. I cant stop smiling on my drive home from Miami, I am truly blessed to have come so far in my career. Playing in small, medium and large clubs in South Florida to now being a clothing brand ambassador, radio dj & recording music with major artist. Its all happening fast and it reminds me of so many other things I've been a part of where I use my enthusiasm for what's happening at the moment and organically a community builds itself around it. For that ability I truly thank god! So I wanted to take a second and thank "everyone" and wish you a happy and safe Holidays. The list of thanks I have to give is huge so I wont do it here but I will say this, if in any way big or small you have supported me IM TALKING TO YOU!

Thank you,

Out Da Mud drops Jan 1st 2022

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