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I really didn't! I NEVER KNEW I would be this #LIT! I always wanted it, I always worked hard at being a success and it finally showed up on my ass! I knew that if I just kept working something had to give, I didn't know it would be like this, but I'll take it. The most high has a way of giving you what you need when you need it. My life is a double edge sword don't get it twisted though! At one end of the spectrum Im a professional DJ that has motion in one of the most #LIT places in the country, South Florida. Album out, Single dropping 4.11.23, new podcast just dropped, spinning at big name clubs, bank account on swole! Then on the other side of the spectrum I have a special needs child that has spent half of his 5 year old life in the hospital. So I have to go hard, #period! Falling and not getting up is not an option, never the less I'm crazy grateful that I have become who I am. Through persistence and the many people that have showed me the way by opening doors and sharing knowledge, I have been able to fulfill my life long goal of becoming a professional DJ, Music Producer and Artist! I'm outside for real for real! Thank you god, and thank you everyone that shows love!

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