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This season is going to be super dope for sure, I have a few cool projects in the mix and i'm excited to share them with everyone!

First I would like to start with " Painting For Smiles". As most of you know my son Roman Burnette was born 4.4.17 with Down Syndrome, lung disease and a whole in his heart. Miraculously he survived heart surgery and I am so grateful to all of his supporters. It has been so inspiring to have family, friends and well wishers rally around us in support, we are forever great-full and truly appreciate everyone! In that spirit Bunny and I have started "Painting For Smiles", our way of advocating not only for our own son but local charities that advocate for children like Roman with life threatening illnesses. Its simple we create hand painted pieces of art and 25 % of the proceeds gets donated to those charities.

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