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2022 is definitely a vibe and TMRS - LIVE is definitely feeling it! Formally The Manny Riich Show Live, TMRS -LIVE is the 2022 update & I'm blessed to be part of it. Seriously me a DJ on the radio and a DJ in the club? ITS A WRAP! Shout out to that Chico from Miami Manny Riich for giving my break in radio. Don't get it twisted either my co-host Fetti Fein is fierce rite now! Getting placement on the reality show Big Lex Baddie Collection & just droping her new album Upper Echelon, not to mention she's the Wild Out Weds Plug. Yo TMRS-Live is lit every Monday night at 10PM on so tap in its easy! Follow us on social media FB INSTA TWITTER and download Dagr8fm app from your playstore!

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